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Peace pipes and Tomahawks are among our best sellers. 
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Single Native American arrows.  Bone and Agate tips with real  feathers,  Great for use as "Arrow of light" awards and for home display
Bows and Quivers
Bow and arrow sets and quivers.  Great southwestern wall art.  These displays are meant for Home decoration not use.
Coil Baskets Hand woven coil baskets and Navajo wedding baskets.  These baskets are hand Woven from local weeds.  Patterns must be well thought out as coil is wrapped around to form patterns.
Ceremonial Attire Breast plates, chokers, purses, war shirts, and hair ties.  Perfect Clothing for Powwows or other Native American gatherings.
Flutes Hand made river reed flutes, by "One Feather"  includes a walking stick flute.
Kachinas     Hand carved Kachinas and Yeibichai's.  A popular North American Indian art and great for home decor.
Knives Navajo hand carved and buffalo bone tip knives.  Lavern Little (featured Artist) actually works his own blades from raw steel.
Necklaces Several styles of Navajo Necklaces.  Necklaces of beads and stones.  Very nice pieces with prices starting at just $10!  Some have matching earring sets.
Paintings   Oil on canvas paintings by Jimmy YellowHair. These are original oil paintings by a renowned Arizona artist.
Peace pipes
Beautiful hand crafted peace pipes.  Lakota Sioux and Navajo.  We have the largest selection of Indian Peace pipes I have seen on the internet!  Prices start at just $55.
Pottery Navajo, Acoma, and Ute.  We have many styles of pottery.  Including Horse hair pottery and hand carved.
Rattles Rawhide rattles, various designs featuring beaded handles, feathers and horsehair.
Rugs Navajo rugs.   Hand Woven and sought after Native American art.  These rugs look great hanging on walls and are a great addition to any Southwestern home decor.
Spears Hand made spears, leather crafted and beaded.
Story Tellers Navajo story tellers and story tellers by RC Ramey.  Story telling was an American Indian tradition and the figurines capture the practice.
Hand made Tomahawks.  Leo Holiday (featured artist) supplies us with most of our Tomahawks.  These are very popular Indian Artifacts. 
Wall Hangings 
Wonderful home decor and wall hanging displays, Cradle Boards and more.  Great Indian arts.
War Clubs
Hand made War clubs.  Leo Holiday (featured artist) supplies us with most of our War clubs.  We have stone and Jawbone in stock.

We are fortunate enough to have a Feature article sent to us by Jenny Smedley.
She is an Author in the UK that recently wrote a piece on kachinas and kokopelli after visiting Arizona.
We have been in business for 9 years now and feature some of the best Native Indian Art in the Four corners area.

We at American-Indian-Art.com are Christians and believe in the Holy Word of God. 
We therefore sell these items as home decoration items and do not subscribe to any spiritual beliefs regarding this cultural art
These items are sold as art.  We hope that you might find the links below helpful in pursuing God's will for us.

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Bows and quivers

Ceremonial Attire




Peace pipes




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