Jemez Pueblo pottery
A large selection of High Quality Jemez Pueblo pottery.

All hand made Coiled Jemez Pueblo pottery! 
Hand coiled clay, smoothed out and hand painted with Locally found Pigments.
Our prices are 10-50% below our internet competition,
Please price compare with similar pieces by the same artists!

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Jemez Pueblo pot 19
7" tall, 4.5" Wide, 3.5 Deep
  Black on Redware Ploychrome pot by Virginia Chinana

Jemez Pueblo pot 12
6" tall, 3" deep, 4" wide
Wedding Vase by RG

Jemez Pueblo pot 13
5.5" tall, 2.5" deep, 4" wide
Wedding Vase by A Tsosie

Jemez Pueblo pot5
3.125" tall, 3.75" diameter
Jemez Pueblo Redware Seed Pot by B Fragua

Jemez Pueblo pot 11
4.5" tall, 4.5" diameter
  Earthtone pot by Vernida Toya

Jemez Pueblo pot 9
4.25" tall, 2.5" diameter
Part Melon, Stepped Top Vase by Felicia Fragua

Jemez Pueblo pot 10
3" tall, 3.5" diameter
Highly polished Serpent pot by Lloyd Yepa

Jemez Pueblo pot 4
5.75" tall, 3.75" diameter
Walatowa/Jemez Pueblo Redware By Maxine Yepa

Jemez Pueblo pot 17
7.5" tall, 3" Deep, 7.25" wide
  Black on Redware Polychrome Wedding Vase pot (not signed)

Jemez Pueblo pot 1
5.5" tall (with lid), 6" diameter
Jemez Pueblo Redware By Donald Chinana

Jemez Pueblo pot 18
4.25" tall, 4.75" Diameter
  Black on Redware Polychrome pot by Caroline G. Loretto

Jemez Pueblo pot 8
3.5" tall, 3.5" diameter
Highly Polished Sgraffito pot by Lorraine Chinana

Hummingbird and Flowers

Jemez Pueblo pot 7
4.5" tall, 4" diameter
Highly Polished Genie Vase by Natalie Sandia

Jemez Pueblo pot 2
4.5" tall, 4.5" diameter
Jemez Pueblo Pot By Dee Tootsie
Wave and rainfall pattern

Jemez Pueblo pot 15
7.5" tall(with lid), 6" Diameter
  Decorative Pot by Don/Dom Chinana

Jemez Pueblo pot 16
3.5" tall, 4.5" Diameter
  Redware Sgraffito Sunface pot by Lloyd Yepa

Jemez Pueblo pot 3
5" tall , 4.25" diameter, 5" deep
3D Eagle Dancer pot by Pecos
The eagle dancee and feathers are actually 3D!


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