American Indian Attire
Wonderful works of art for wearing.
Native American attire - clothing, great for Pow Wow's or other events

Cree War shirtCree War shirt
Cree War shirtCree War shirt
$1600.00 $1200.00  Priced to move!
Cree War shirt by Robert Crying Redbear (Cree)

Hand Sewn with Indian tanned, smoked, Elk hide.  Very Soft Elk Leather.
I don't come by these often.  Get it before it goes.
~66 inches wide  34" tall
I'd guess this to be a size 48 ish?

Turquoise Necklace Turquoise Necklace
 White Buffalo Turquoise 16" Necklace by Robert Crying Redbear (Cree)
White Buffalo Turquoise in a Sterling Silver Setting
This necklace is finished of with Baby Conch shells and red carnelian.
Stone is 1.25" by 1.5"

Turquoise Necklace Turquoise Necklace
 Nevada and Kingman Turquoise 22" Necklace by Robert Crying Redbear (Cree)
Nevada stones with smaller Kingman turquoise pieces in the middle/center of the piece

Teepee Marker Teepee Marker Teepee Marker
Double Skull Teepee Marker
29" tall

Turquoise Necklace Turquoise Necklace
 Bisbee Turquoise with Kingman stone 19" Necklace by Robert Crying Redbear (Cree)
Bisbee Turquoise with a Kingman Turquoise Canter stone in a Sterling Silver setting
Stone is 2" by 1"

Turquoise and Sterling Earrings
Display arrow with Dreamcatcher wheel
by Laver Little

Turquoise Bracelet
8" Turquoise Bracelet by
Robert Crying Redbear (Cree)
Kingman Turquoise with Tiger Cowrie


Hand made and painted Drum
War bonnet Drum - $230.00
Hand drawn rawhide over an hand made frame.
Working drum, It has a great sound!
Hand made and painted by Lavern Little
15.5" Diameter

Dance stick with Claw
Fancy dance stick with a "Eagle" Claw and Bells
31" long, the claw itself is over 4" long and 2" wide!
Dakota Sioux colors and Lavern's painted feathers.
 with Coyote Fur

Beautiful heart necklace
Elk leather Pouch
Elk Leather pouch 

This pouch is 7.5x7.5".

Two strand turtle necklace, Indian made

Two strand necklace, Indian made

War bonnet Buffalo SkullWar bonnet Buffalo Skull
War bonnet Buffalo Skull.  

Dakota Sioux War shirtDakota Sioux War shirtDakota Sioux War shirt
Dakota Sioux War shirt.  Custom fit

Headdress  Headdress
  Headdress Headdress
Indian Headdress by Lavern Little
Each bead individually hand stitched into headband leather


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