A large selection of Native American pottery.
Many great artist, pottery at very reasonable prices.
Pottery from Jemez, Navajo, Acoma, Zuni, Sioux, and Hopi tribes.
Pottery from Renowned names such as "Tafoya" "Tootsie" "Nampeyo" and the Infamous "Frog Woman" (A featured artist)
All hand made Coiled pottery!  Hand coiled clay, smoothed out and hand painted.
Its amazing how thin they can make some of these, even the seed pots are hand coiled. 

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Native American Pottery from $40 to $100 Pottery priced $100 or less:  These pieces are mostly produced from members of the Jemez and Acoma tribes.  Most of these pots are 5" or less in the largest dimension.  Great for the entry level collector or for Home decor and Gifting. 

Native American Pottery from $100 to $200 Pottery from $100 to $200:  I currently have Hopi, Zuni, and Santa Clara Pueblo pieces in this section form artist with name recognition such as Ida Poola (Hopi) , Mathew and Eric Tafoya (Santa Clara Pueblo), and Melvin Mequiono (Santa Clara Pueblo).  I also have some unusual plate/plaques, 2 Made by Loretta Silas Poleahla (Hopi) and one made by an unknown artist.
Native American Pottery from $200 to $300 Pottery from $200 to $300: Here i have some beautiful pieces from Sioux, Acoma, Hopi, and Santa Clara Pueblo tribes.  Such names such as Adella and Vernida Nampeyo (Hopi), Dan Tafoya (Santa Clara Pueblo), and Red Star (Sioux)
These are for the more serious collector.  Pieces of this quality are often seen in Indian art displays and Museums.
Native American Pottery from $300 to $1300 Pottery from 300 and up:  I currently only have 2 artist represented in the section.  Loretta J. (Navasie) Laban (Hopi), the current Frog Woman (featured artist), and Irma David (Hopi).  These are top of the line Collector pieces and museum Quality.  I currently enjoy direct contact with the Frog woman and buy direct so the pieces you see here are Virtually unhandled beside by her and myself.  You will not find better selection or pricing as I by direct.

There are some tremendous resources online for Researching the more well known Native American artist.
Rather than try and reproduce the work of these people, please enjoy these helpful links in researching Native American Pottery Artist


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