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I started this web site in November 1999.  I had just completed my first personal home page a few years earlier and started selling commission for a lady who owned an Indian art store here in the Phoenix area.  I thought it would be neat to sell art out of her store on commission so I drew up a contract and started this site more as a hobby than anything else.  It was not quite as simple to get in the search engines as I imagined and I ended up learning a whole lot about web Business in the process.

4 years later and the woman that owned the Art store has since gone out of business.  I have developed many contacts direct with the Native American artist that are represented on this site.  I have learned to spot quality and value in Indian art and I pass that knowledge onto every customer I have.

I have invested heavily in advertising and got myself a merchant account.  I work hard on customer service and try to insure every customer is happy with the pricing, quality, and timely delivery of there order.  I hope you enjoy browsing this sight and hope you find the piece that you are looking for. 
Please contact me with any comments or suggestions for this site at

You might also be interested to know that we have letters from satisfied customers available for your consideration.
These were real letters and permission was obtained to post them.

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Thank you for your time,  Ed Hayden


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